Birthday Celebrations – Healthy Food

Birthday Celebrations in school – Thank you to all parents and carers who are following the new governor guidelines and bringing either healthy food or educational gifts to celebrate your child’s birthday.

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Message From Mr Foster

Dear Parents/Carers

This has been a packed half term, with lots of exciting learning opportunities, ‘Maths Matters’ sessions and the first four apprentice tasks.

Our remaining 16 apprentices put on a superb ‘Movie Night’ yesterday for 300 pupils and parents. What a wonderful thing this is – pupils creating fabulous and fun opportunities for each other!

Our brilliant ASF do similar work at lunchtimes, setting up sports activities for younger pupils.

This shows both great leadership skills and also a desire to work for others in the community. Everything you would want from an Abbey pupil in fact!

Tim Foster (Headteacher)

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What are you Reading?

Thanks to all Abbey pupils for showing such enthusiasm and love for reading. Tell me what you are reading now … give it a score out of 10 and tell me all about it!

Keep on reading! The best two blogs will get a £15.00 book token (and a surprise gift!) in Friday’s assembly.

Mr Foster

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Creat-A-Con Kids STEM Event

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What’s your funniest book moment?

I love the hilarious ‘Squiggly Spaghetti’ moment in ‘The Twits’ when Mrs Twit serves her grizzly husband worms!

You can read the chapter yourselves if you have the book! Or … watch the You Tube clip (with your parents’ permission) on

What’s your funniest book moment?”

Mr Foster

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Reading Vlog, Look Out Secret Seven

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Who is your favourite book character?

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Reading Vlog – Billionaire Boy

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Reading Vlog – Bounce

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Abbey News – 2nd December 2016

The school newsletter created in Microsoft Sway: Abbey News – 2nd December 2016



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