Blogging Rules

For Children

We at Abbey Primary Community School are all really excited to have a blog and the opportunity to share our work.  These rules are designed to keep you safe and to make the blogging site a fun place to be.

What do you think about them? Have we missed anything out? Do you disagree with anything?

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the blog as long as they follow our rules:

Only use your first name – no surnames

Keep safe don’t reveal any personal information or share your password with anyone.

Write in good English – including spelling, grammar, punctuation and no TXT speak.

Be polite – Don’t post anything that could hurt anyone.

Always show respect – be positive if you are going to comment.

Enjoy – DO enjoy using your blog

All posts and comments will be read before they appear on these blogs.

For Parents

This blog is a window into the world of Abbey Primary Community School – we want to share what is happening in our School!  The blog will contain a mixture of children’s work, updates about what we are doing and blog posts written by the children.

All the children will use first names only.

The rules above are designed to make blogging safe.

Children will be encouraged to comment on posts – again, they need to make sure they stick to our blogging rules.

Other schools and teachers from around the world may also view and comment on our blog. All the comments have to be approved by class teachers before they are published so this is very safe.

We’d also love for you to comment on our blog posts. The more comments the better as they are read by the children and motivate them to write more. Once again, please make sure you don’t use your surname when commenting. You can sign your comment as ‘Jay’s dad’ or ‘David’s mum’ etc.

We hope you enjoy following our blog!

If you have any concerns about the security of the blog then please feel free to contact Mr Emran Kharodia.

10 Responses to Blogging Rules

  1. Zayn says:

    hey abbey,
    Today I am reading Dairy of a wimpy kid THE LONG HAUL. OMG this
    book has a CRAZY pig.

  2. prtha says:

    prutha year 2
    hi everyone. I am reading a book horse poems written by John is nice poems about the show the love of the writer for horse.

  3. tia s says:

    hello guys today i am reading FANTASTIC MR FOX and i love it because books from ROLD DALH are great!!!!!!!There is lots of books i like but this book is fantastic to me .


  4. Jesal says:

    My book is called Wild Thing and it is really funny. I said it is really funny because they called their own daughter Wild Thing. I am going to write about the story that I am reading.They called her Wild Thing because she is very wild. Wild Thing is a nightmare!

  5. DAKSH L says:

    I am reading diary of the wimpy kid OMG Horrid Henry called Peter bogie face

  6. DAKSH LALA says:

    Keep on eye who you are talking to

  7. Rishika says:

    Hi I’m reading The Snow Bear and as the snow begins to fall just days before Christmas, Grandad helps Sara build an igloo in the garden with a small snow bear to watch over it. And when Sara wakes in the middle of the night, it looks very different outside. She sets out on an enchanted journey through a world of ice.

    i give it 10/10

  8. Jaymeen G says:

    Hello I am currently reading a book called Diary of a wimpy kid Double Down.This book is so amazing and you should read this book I reckon you will love it bye.

  9. Rishika says:

    Hi guys I started reading this book called STINK BOMB AND THE KETCHUP FACE its a REALLY FUNNY BOOK i cant wait to read it

  10. Priya says:

    Hi abbey i am currently reading murder most unladylike it is a really good book and i reccomend it to people who like solving mysteries.


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