Who is your favourite book character?

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  1. Mrs Henson says:

    I have so many characters that I love for a variety of different reasons and so I am finding it very hard to choose. I have managed to narrow it down to 2! The first of my favourite characters is Fantastic Mr Fox. I love him for his quick wit, cunning plans, and excellent banter. A truly fantastic fox!!

    Another great character is the Hungry Caterpillar who was one of my childhood favourites and this is a book I regularly share with George! We love the amazing illustrations and bright colours and often talk about which is our favourite page to look at. I think it is a true classic, and it includes 2 things I absolutely love: books and food!

  2. Miss Healey says:

    My favourite character in a children’s book is George from ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. Despite having an evil, secretive and scary grandma (who I believe is actually a witch!), George is determined to teach his nasty, old grandma a lesson!

    Sticking with the Roald Dahl theme, my second favourite characters are Mr and Mrs Twit. Described as the most revolting husband and wife you could ever meet, they are both ridiculous, stupid and disgusting. I especially love reading about Mr Twit’s dirty beard.

  3. Miss Cogan says:

    I really like Mr and Mrs Twit too, they’re so grotesque and disgusting and I love the tricks they play on each other. My other favourite characters are Alice from Alice in Wonderland because she’s a dreamer like me and likes to believe in impossible things and Rebecca Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series as she also is quite similar to me-likes to shop and again lives in her own little world where bad things don’t happen.

  4. Miss Saujani says:

    My favourite book character is Winnie the Pooh created by A.A. Milne. Even though he says he is a bear of ‘very little brain’, he says some of the nicest things while he is on his adventures. Some of my favourite quotes from the Winnie the Pooh stories are:
    “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and the best thing you can be.”
    “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
    “Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.”

  5. pratim says:

    Hi abbey I am reading the book called The Green Machine and in that book Dumper Dozer and Dumper lived on a patch of concrete and there Boss made them do lots of work and there Boss did not stop them for a drink and one day they had to smash down the houses and make some place for a factory instead and also smash down the playground but they did not and Dumper said to the Boss that if we smash down the playground then were will the children’ s play but the Boss said I don ‘t care and Digger Dumper and Dozer were going to give a gift to the children ‘s and the gift was to make a new skateboard park and a new duck pond and they were just going to build a new park but the Boss came and he was going to stop and Dumper was worried because they are bright yellow then he had a idea and it was to paint them green and Dumper whistled and he said come on let’s finish of the playground and they left a note and it was Have a time everybody Love from the green machine

  6. Dhruvi p 6sh says:

    Hi Abbey primary I am reading The Twits currently even though it’s animated it’s still fun my favourite character is Mr Twit and Mrs Twit because they always plays pranks on each other and I like the prank where Mrs Twit put’s worms in mr Twit’s spegetti this my best part ……
    Bye Abbey Primary

  7. Hananruby A 1PS says:

    my favorite book is The Emperors new clothes. I think is very funny and it makes me want to read it again and again. The part that I like most is when the boy says “your not wearing any clothes.” and after that everybody in the story started to laugh.

  8. ABINESH 4SC says:

    I like lots of book characters like Mrs. and Mr. Twit and many more such as Greg in Diary of the Wimpy Kid . The reason why I like all of them in general is because they are funny but that’s not the main reason . I also like Greg best friend can u guess who it is , if not its Rowley . Rowley and Greg make a great combination because if Rowley is being weird Greg will always comment on it . The Twits are disgusting in a funny way , in fact I read my sisters Twits book very recently and there lots of funny bits like when [SPOILER ALERT] Mrs. Twit puts worms in Mr. Twits spaghetti … HA .

  9. Minal(6HA) says:

    Hello to all of Abbey,
    Minal here. When I saw this blog, i thought of commenting on it, So I WILL.
    My all time favourite book character has to be Jeff Kinney and his Absolutely AMAZING Books.
    After i am bposting this comment i am going to DEFINITELY read some of his books(EVEN if I’ve read them a thousand times.
    **Thanks for reading this comment and make sure you read everyone else’s comments!!**

  10. karan b says:

    I think Mighty robot is a very happy story because a boy has no friends to play with so a
    evil doctor created a robot to destroy the city, then the robot and then the boy saved. Then try became friends.

    By Karan

  11. Priya S says:

    Hi Abbey Primary,
    There are so many characters I love from books so it was hard to pick one but i think that Sofie from the BFG is my favourite because she is very brave and she is very funny too.

  12. Veer V says:

    You must read fantastic Mr fox. I liked fantastic Mr fox because the three nasty farmers did,t like Mr fox because he always went

  13. Hasham F says:

    Hi Students and Teachers of Abbey Primary Community School.

    My favorite book is by far Dirty Bertie book collection. Just by reading this collection It intrigues me to read this book collection again and again. During the Christmas holiday whenever I had nothing to do I would just sit and read the books of Dirty Bertie . At first I despised reading, but Abbey Primary inspired me to read. Thanks Mr Foster and every Teacher in that school make me realize that I have found a new hobby. Mr Foster You are brilliant person

    From Hasham 6HA

  14. Hasham says:

    Thank You or reading my comment and make sure you read everyone else’s comment there books are great as well

    • Tim Foster says:

      Hi Hasham

      Thanks for blogging! I am delighted that you are enjoying the Dirty Bertie books. Even better is you being inspired to read thanks to Abbey Primary!

      Great news and well done Hasham!

      Mr Foster

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love reading david walliam’s books because there really funny!!!!!!

  16. Nandini (6SH) says:

    I love the book Matilda because its interesting and very funny!!!!

  17. Dhruvi P 6sh says:

    Hi Abbey its Dhruvi I am reading dork diaries holiday heartbreak its really interesting and fun its about a girl she has a crush on a boy called Brandon he acts funny and a another girl called mqunzee has a crush on Brandon too. Read this book its really interesting and fascinating. Bye!!!!

  18. lina says:

    my name is lina and I read a book about diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth and it’s a really nice book and my mum said reading is the important thing so you should read. Tell me what book you like.

  19. lina says:

    Today I’ve been reading the twits it is a really funny book expecially when Mrs twit puts sphagetti on Mr twit. You should read it if you haven’t but if u did read it again bye

    • Dhruvi premjee 6sh says:

      so have i read the twits its soo funny its the best i like mrs twit because she always pranks back on mr twit the best

  20. Afra says:

    I am reading Sarah the Sunday fairy were two girls need to find the magic flag to bring
    Fun back instead of chaos!!

  21. Afra says:

    I am reading Dirty Bertie poop it is funny because in the separate chapter “zoom” his dad is scared of planes.

  22. Afra says:

    At the moment I am reading Dirty Bertie pirate where his enemy gets in trouble!

  23. Afiq says:

    Now I am reading Dirty Bertie ouch( he fell for the trick the nurse did)!!!!!!SO FUNNY YOU MUST READ DIRTY BERTIE

  24. Dhruvi p 6sh says:

    So hi Abbey Primary its Dhruvi you all don’t believe how much books I read Dork diaries whole collection and Horrid henry whole collection and diary of a wimpy kid double down I love books I didn’t read and love books before parents Mr Foster and Mrs Henson inspired me that how much reading is now I lobe books

  25. Lina says:

    Dear abbey primary,
    hi abbey my name is Lina today I am reading a book about dork diaries and it is a very nice book you should read it
    I like the part when makenzie takes nikki’s book and mr foster and miss Henson tells us to read read that book if you haven’t but if you did read it again bye.

  26. Afra says:

    i am so a fan of dirty bertie he is so disgusting oh and my favourite book is FAME where it is Bertie`s chance to be famous

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