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  1. Minal(6HA) says:

    I’m currently reading this AMAZING book called’my Dad’s a policeman’. SPOILER ALERT: It’s about a boy who gets bullied by other kids JUST because he DOESN’T have a dad. Then two men the boy gets sent to a foster home and his foster dad is a POLICEMAN. That’s all i read but i just gave that bit as a summary…
    Make sure you read this book and if you want to know who it’s by it’s Cathy Glass, The author who made The saddest girl in the world, Saving Danny and etc…
    By the way, i liked all the vlogs that is posted

  2. Afiq says:

    I am reading Dirty Bertie Spooky

  3. Afra says:

    I am reading horrid henry and moody Margret
    It is funny as peter doesn’t know the food is glop

  4. Afra says:

    Now I am reading Carly the car to my baby brother (he is not actually listening )

  5. Afra says:

    I am reading to myself Dirty Bertie poop !!! So funny I love Dirty Bertie Books

  6. Abdirahman (4rr) says:

    i am reading the wimpy kid a guy called greg has many trouble whith family and rowley

  7. Nuuh says:

    I am reading the boy who climbed the moon. It’s a amazing book that you should read. I give it a 10/10

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