Where Does Reading Take You?

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  1. Mustafa. 4RR says:

    The book I am reading is Enid Blyton’s Secret 7 ( Look out , secret 7 )
    and believe me it is a really good book
    In the begin it may come across as a bit boring but if you read on then it becomes more and more exiting
    This book has suspense in it which makes you gripped to the book
    My favourite characters in the book are Colin and Peter because Peter comes up with loads of clever suggestions to solve a mystery and Colin solves all of them
    I would definetly recommend this book to everybody

  2. Tim Foster says:

    That’s great Mustafa – it sounds like you are really immersed in the story and characters.

    Mr Foster

  3. Khushi P (2NK) says:

    I am reading how to survive summer trips by Jeff Kinney
    This is a story about a family going on a trip to the water park. When returning home they stopped at a petrol station. Without saying a word to anyone mum went to the bathroom. And then they left mum at the petrol station.
    My favourite part is when dad and the kids left mum at the petrol station. Because when the little boy checked at the back of the car mum was gone and the little boy was surprised!
    The little boy was very sad.
    The message in this story says never go anywhere alone without telling your mun and dad.

  4. Imaan 5PR says:

    Hi all of Abbey. The book that I am reading is called A Bad Spell For The Worst Witch, by Jill Murphy. This book is about a witch called Mildred and she is determined to lose her embarrassing reputation as the worst witch Miss Crackle’s Academy has ever seen-but things rapidly get out of hand! I think this story is really good and funny because Mildred is very clumsy and she makes this book really fun to read. My favourite part was when Griselda Mildred’s wors enemy was under the bed looking for a beetle and Mildred tied Griselda’s shoe’s laces together.
    The message in this story says that you shouldn’t ever trust a witch……

  5. Garleen, 6JH says:

    Im reading a fantastic book. This book is all about technology and how to use it. It’s a very educational book and my parents are vey proud of me reading a book which gets my mind into something educational. I’m happy myself that I’m actually, and finally, learning something in a book. Normally, I would just tell my mum all the main bits that happened but in this book I’m understanding technology and saying things out loud in detail. This book is a benefitful book. This book will also increase my concentration in all subjects like Maths, English and Science. The best thing about this book is that it comes in a pack of 3. I haven’t even s book down, I’m still reading it and writing this. All of his is based on scratch except one book called ‘computer coding.’

  6. Yashasvi 5ch says:

    Hi all abbey
    The book I am reading is called the witches by Roald Dahl .the book is basically about witches trying to make children into mice.simple.but the more you read on the more interesting it turns out to be. I recommend this book to all ks2.hope you all have a nice time reading.

  7. Wafa 4ks says:

    Hi everyone.

    I just completed a book called ‘The Thornwaite Inheritance’.It’s a really funny book and it’s all about these twins. Alfred is the worst character in the story.I hope you enjoy all your reading.

  8. Umar 6JH says:

    Hello Abbey this is Umar
    from year 6 . The book I’m recommending is The Falcons Malteser by Anthony Horowitz . I’m recommending this book because it is very funny and full of suspense.This book is about 2 brothers called Nick and Tim Diamond. Tim [a private detective] gets sent a package from a man called Johnny Naples for safe keeping but he wants it returned to him in a week. During that week Johnny is killed and who gets the blame?… you guessed it guys! None other than Tim himself !

    Guys you should seriously read this book and the rest of the series by Anthonowy Horowitz called the Diamond Brothers.
    I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!
    Until laters!

  9. PRANESH 2NK says:



  10. Shreeya 4SC says:

    I am reading the book Stardust.It makes me think about me, my friends and our friendship.If you can keep a promise then listen up… In this world there are many people who have more Stardust than others. Everyone living is made out of Stardust. However some people have a more open heart and others don’t.

  11. Zen 4sc says:

    I am currently reading narnia (book 2) it is as good as the movie it takes me into a different dimension of reading I will recommend it to everyone


  12. Wafa 4ks says:

    Hi everyone
    I have just completed a book called The Thornwaite Inheritance by Gareth P.Jones.This is a really funny book and it’s about these twins who want to kill each other.
    By guys,until later!

    • Miss Saujani says:

      It’s great to know that you enjoyed reading ‘Ths Thornwaite Inheritance’. If you haven’t read it already, you should read ‘The Considine Curse’ which is also written by Gareth P. Jones. It’s about a 14 year old girl called Mariel and she gets to meet the her unusual family for the very first time. Her family have lots of secrets that Mariel wants to uncover. Happy reading! Miss Saujani

  13. drashti says:

    when I read a book I get really engrossed in it ;especially when its about adveture and mystery

    • Minal(6HA) says:

      That is very true Drashti, whenever you pick up a book all you can see is the words from it.
      My favourite book is ‘Best Friends’ by Jacqueline Wilson , I’m thinking you like it too Drashti and it is very interesting.

      From Minal

  14. Class 2JA Literacy group says:

    Hi Abbey!

    We just read a marvellous book called The Night Iceberg by Helen Stephens. We absolutely loved the story because it was so imaginative and also had a very lovely message. It was about a little girl called Tofta who did not want to share her bedroom with her new baby brother. She soon discovered an iceberg floating outside her bedroom window and decided to visit it. Upon her visit, she learned to share the iceberg with a waddle of penguins. Tofta loved sharing so much that she was much happier about her new born baby brother. We definitely recommend reading this book!

    • Miss Saujani says:

      Thank you for the recommendation class 2JA. I read the book to my class during milk and fruit time today and they absolutely loved the story. Their favourite bit was when 500 hundred penguins came onto the iceberg to eat Tofta’s sardines! They also liked the baby penguin and they all thought he looked cute. My class liked that Tofta was kind at the end of the story and realised that it was good to share things with others.

  15. Naiima says:

    Hey Abbey! I am reading a book called Olivia the orchid fairy by daisy meadows. when you read the first page you might think that it is boring but when you read more it is like you’re actually in the book and you want to read more and more! this book, is about two girls called Rachel and Kirsty and they are searching for Olivia the orchid fairy’s magic petal. but the goblins are desperate to get it back to jack frost. my favourite character is Rachel because she is always making up new and extremely useful ideas. i would really like to recommend this book to everyone (especially the people who love fairy’s), See you later !!!

  16. Dhruvi 6SH says:

    whenever I read a book about thriller and action,I get really engrossed into the book.I am currently reading ‘Warhorse’ by Micheal Morpurgo it has action, suspence and thriller. –

  17. Jiya says:

    Hey all of Abbey! Today I’m reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Its really exciting because Charlie travels around the world with his family in the great glass elevator. This book is written by the No.1 storyteller ROALD DAHL! I have read this book up to chapter 8 the Vermicious Knids. Every page you read you would want to know what happens next. This book is about an adventure with Charlie, Mr Willy Wonka and Charlie’s family. It is continued from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  18. Krit 4RR says:

    Hi there guys.I have just been reading J.K.Rowlings Harry Potter series. I have read the first 2 books and now I am on the 3rd.These books are absolutely amazing incredible. I am at the part when the Hippogriff hurts Draco mslfoy. I would recommend it to everyone.See you later.

    • Wafa,4ks says:

      I’ve read the first book and watched it too,also I have watched the second,third,fourth and a little bit of the seventh movie!

  19. Krish S says:

    Hi all of abbey!
    Today i am going to write a blog about my favourite book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck” which is internationally bestseller. The book is about his best friend Rowly Jefferson , had ditched him and had got a girlfriend called Abigail. At the start of the book, I thought the first few pages of the book were rubbish because it was all about Rowly, Abigail and his best friend being jealous of them. My favourite part of the book was when Fregley took off his shirt and put chewing gum in his belly button! lol! so this is my blog.

  20. Kush says:

    Hi all of abbey!
    Today I am going to write a blog about “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck”. At the start of the book Greg Heffley’s on a losing streak. His best friend Rowley Jefferson has ditched him, and finding new friends in middle school is proving to be a tough task.
    To change his fortunes, Greg decides to take a leap of faith and turn his decisions over to chance.
    Will a roll of the dice turn things around, or is Greg’s life destined to be just another hard-luck story?
    This is my blog Abbey!!

  21. Zayn says:

    Hi all of Abbey Primary,
    today i am reading dairy of a wimpy kid The long haul.Hi krish and kush high up there!Anyway Greg Heffley was watching TV UNTIL mum said “Pack your bags,we are going to a road trip”.That was half of the book but it is pretty funny!Lol!

  22. Maryam 2sk says:

    Hi Abbey primary I am reading “The Snail and the whale”.This is a tale of a snail that wants a ride on a whale but the whale
    gets stuck on a island.That was half of the story.It is a marvolous book bye bye.

  23. Lina 4RR says:

    Hi abbey,
    I am reading a book called ( kid wonder and the sticky skyscraper) and it has action and suspence after I realised that reading is so important because my mum told. me and the best part is that kid wonder told his uncle that she needed chewing gum so she could make a bubble to trap the slippery shadow and his gang and my favourite character is kid wonder so yeah bye.

  24. Lina 4RR says:

    Hi all of Abbey,
    I am reading a book called ( kid wonder and the sticky skyscraper) this book has action and suspence I realised that reading is so important and my mum and dad said that so yeah anyway, the best part is kid wonder told his uncle that ” I need some chewing gum so I can catch the slippery shadow and his gang ” that was half of the book . It was boring in the first half but the second half was amazing and my favourite character is kid wonder bye .

  25. Prem 1PP says:

    Hi there I’ve recently been reading The Rope Swing by Roderick Hunt. It’s about Kipper,Chip,Wilf,Wilma and Biff going to the park find a swing.Until next time.

  26. Raj 4RR says:

    Hi guys
    The book I am reading today is called the mouse island marathon so there’s a mouse called Geronimo Stilton and his trainer Champ Strongpaws Geronimo Stilton has a nephew called Benjamin and they both run a marathon before that Geronimo Stilton has to do his training.Then they are ready to run the marathon and geronimo stilton does not realise he reached the finish line then everybody lifts him up.That was a good book.Lol so this is my reading blog

  27. Vishvam (4rr) says:

    Hi all of Abbey primary school. Today I would like to tell you all a bout a book called S.T.I.N.K.B.O.M.B. In this book, a nerd called Archie Hunt’s dad is kidnapped after a rapid speed chase.But soon after someone called agent x ray offers him the job of being an undercover agent! They track down an evil scientist and try to rescue the world.If you’d like to find out more, please read the book.I highly recommend it.

  28. Vishvam (4rr) says:

    Hi ,Abbey my name is VISHVAM and as you all know I LOVE reading!The book I’m currently reading is Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Hard Luck) by Jeff Kinney.It is the best book I have ever read. In this story, it is very very boring at the beginning but it starts to build up and gets very exciting. The characters are Rowley Jefferson, Abigail,mum ,dad,Greg Heffley(the wimpy kid),Rodrick and his little brother Manny. Firstly, Rowley is Greg Heffley’s friend but a few days later their friendship is broken and its all just because of a girl named Abigail.If you want to find out more about this book then read it yourself.At the end I was very sad because I didn’t want the book to end but with this I started to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the ugly truth) which is as much fun.

  29. Anjali (4RR) says:

    Hi everyone
    I have just finished reading Tilly and the trouble in the night and believe me its a very good book. Its the best book I have ever read. If you read it you will say that too. I have actually read it 1000 times and that’s how much I love it. If I’m in the middle of reading it and someone asks me something I would not even hear it, that is how much I’m lost in that book. I would not give that book to anyone because I’m going to read it until I’m a grown up. I’m going to READ AND READ.

  30. Anjali 4RR says:

    Hi there guys
    I’m currently reading Lulu the lifeguard fairy and its a very good book. Its by Daisy Meadows and every time I go to he library I go especially to borrow the Daisy Meadow books. The characters of the book are Kirsty Tate, Rachel Walker , Aunty Lesley, Jack Frost,Goblins and Rachel Walkers mum and dad. Its all about naughty Jack Frost taking Lulu`s magical float which helps the lifeguards to swim. This is a very interesting book because it makes us feel what is going to happen next.

  31. Abdirazak 5MJ/SA says:

    Hi all of abbey, I am currently reading The Famous Five Guid Blyton it is a very mysterious book with lot’s of suspense put in it. Also they have put a lot of dramatic stuff in. BYE. I hope i win the prize

  32. Leon 4RR says:

    Hi abbey, I have been reading a book called diary of the wimpy kid the long haul by Jeff Kinney . My favourite part is when Greg’s family goes on a trip on the beach but they lose the key. All their clothes,phones and waletts/purse.This book is so funny and I recommend that people will enjoy the book.

  33. jeevika 4rr says:

    Finlay and the fish is book am reading,it is about a boy who doesnt concentrate or listen in class,just constantly stares at the fish in the classroom wondering weather the fish will swim under the bridge,when set homework or tasks he always does the opposite (the children had to bring in there favourite nuts,so they brought in hazelnuts,chestnuts,finley brought in metal nuts).the book is funny!

  34. Diya Shah says:

    Hi Abbey my name is Diya I LOVE reading,the book I am reading is The man with eagle eyes it’s illustrated by Micky Reid and David Clayton wrote it.It’s about a boy named Vinny wherever Vinny looked he could see eyes.One day he was walking with his friend and her name Sumantha.Vinny kept looking over his shoulder when Sumantha asked him a question he wasn’t listening,so she got mad l don’t want to spoil it for you,this book is so recommended for you Please read it!there are other books like this one and the names of the books are:Mollie with ginger (by Richard Potts),David’s diary (by Margaret Ryan),Mr Willoughby’s wallaby(by Hilary Sharpe).

  35. Umar 6JH says:

    Hello again guys it’s me Umar and today I’m recommending this book called Escape From Shangri-la. This amazing book is all about a old man that comes out of nowhere to his “so called granddaughter”(called Cessie)and starts living with them. Since Popsicle is a old man he forgets things really quickly so Cessie does everything she can do jog his memory, and bit by bit from a woman named Lucie Alice to a devastating nigh on the beaches of Dunkirk during WWII.

    This book is fantastic as well as the other books in the Michael Morpurgo books I hope you enjoy this book and until then bye!

  36. Shriya ( 3kr) says:

    Hello, I am currently reading a Book called Alyssa the Snow Queen Fairy. I love reading this book because it is a long story and I love to read long story’s. There are 20 chapter’s. This is my third time reading this book. It is about Alyssa and two other girl’s.

  37. Dhruvi p 6sh says:

    Shriya it looks like u are enjoying ur book hope u enjoy

  38. Dhruvi p 6sh says:

    everyone hope u are enjoying reading
    # enjoy!!!!!!!!!

  39. Afiq 6HA says:

    At the moment I am reading SIDEMEN XIX

  40. Wafa 4ks says:

    Hey guys
    I have been reading Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lingren.There are 11 chapters and they are:Pippi moves into villa villekulla,Pippi is a thing-searcher and ends up in a fight,Pippi plays tag with the police(!),Pippi goes to school,Pippi sits on the gate and climbs a tree,Pippi organises an expadition,Pippi goes to the circus,pippi dances with burglars,Pippi has coffee with the ladies,Pippi comes to the rescue and Pippi celebrates her birthday.She lives all by herself and has her head under the covers and feet on top of the pillow while she is sleeping!She is weird and I recommend this book to all of key stage 2.
    Until then!

  41. Naiima says:

    Hi guys, today am gonna tell u about Silas Marner by George Eliot and that Silas Marner (in the book) has been wrongly accused of theft!!! the guess what happens next he….. has to leave town to start a new life in Raveloe. and now to build up the suspense am not gonna tell you what happens next so byeeeee!!!!!

  42. Wafa,4ks says:

    Hi guys
    Today I have been reading mermaid magic and it’s about a magic mermaid that has been brought up by normal mermaids so she wants to find out who are her parents and her mer-brother and she finds him (the girls name is rani and her brother’s is peri)

  43. mit says:

    hi, everyone, I am reading astrosaurs academy it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool I would give it 10/10 the dinosaurs are underground and there is lots of terror!These collector cards are so good there is the giant spider, the dutch, colonel eric and captain lirress they are soooooooooooooooooo cool.

  44. sumit says:

    I am reading spy dog and its so cool so I give this book 10/10

  45. sumit says:

    hi guys I am reading spy dog it is so cool. My best part is the person steals the ruby in the ruby shop

  46. Daksh 4KS says:

    Yo,Guys,whats up! Im currently reading Pip Street,I would give it a 9/10.It’s about a boy (I dont know his name,I forgot) and a cat called Mr.Conkers.They move houses to PIP Street and next day,the cats go all missing! I was like ”What????” I laughed so hard! It was like a mystery!

  47. Vyom says:

    Hi Bloggers,
    I am Vyom . I am in 4KS. I read “Hamper Great Escape”. It’s an amazing book. It’s about Hamper – a tiny Russian hamster. Sam and Clare took Hamper to their Grandparents’ home. Hamper doesn’t like there so Sam and Clare decided to make a cage bigger for him but all of a sudden Hamper goes missing. Then all the excitement begins. It’s a very interesting story. One should definitely enjoy it.

  48. Deleena m says:

    Hi Abbey ,I am reading dads win prizes it is so good that when rossy’s dad burt his first cake and the sore out of 9/10.

  49. Samiksha5PR says:

    Name: Samiksha
    Class: 5PR
    Book reading recently: MY BROTHER IS A SUPERHERO
    Score:(drum roll please)1,000’000/1,000,000(100%)
    Smileys:(drum roll please)INFINITY
    How many smileys would you give to your book? Say that in your reply that you give me.

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