Incrediboys Phonics

The teaching of phonics is an essential part of every child’s education. The phonics approach teaches children to decode words by sounds, rather than recognising whole words. The emphasis in early years teaching is on synthetic phonics, in which words are broken up into the smallest units of sound (phonemes). Children are taught the letters (graphemes) that represent these phonemes and also learn to blend them into words. So, at its most basic, children are taught to read the letters in a word like c-a-t, and then merge them to pronounce the word cat. The new Incrediboys Group in F2 are loving their phonics … which is the stepping stone to great end of KS2 results too. Last year our boys (with 96% Level 4+ in reading and 98% Level 4+ in writing) outperformed not just boys nationally but girls too! Also 46% of boys got Level 5+ in writing – 18% above national.

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