Abbey Primary – Diversity and Harmony

We are extremely proud of our diverse school. The ‘Abbey family’ is home to pupils from a very wide variety of backgrounds, races and religions. The wider world is going through a period of immense and often violent discord. Within Abbey and the local area it is essential that we continue to seek common ground between all communities – things that unite us and not divide us. As our School Prospectus says “Children will be encouraged to show the good values of courtesy, sensitivity and tolerance as appropriate in a diverse community. The school will not tolerate any discrimination or inequality of opportunity.” Our role as a school is to help develop our pupils to be valued and valuable members of this diverse community. Preparation for life in 21st century modern day Britain takes many forms and this week we are having a massive push on ‘Good Manners’. Academic performance is just the start of success in life. Social skills play an equally important part – hence our insistence on our pupils saying, “Please”, “Thank you” and “Good morning”.

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