Abbey Primary Radio – 17102014

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  1. Mr C.Morley (ex teacher) says:

    I love these programs especially the sort of music I like. Abbey Radio is GREAT and I will be tuning in regularly.

    I have a technical problem with the volume going up and down when people are speaking. Maybe the technical director Mr. E Kharodia. can sort that out.


  2. rushi says:

    Very nice guys you have done hard work I love it.

  3. rushi says:

    I cant wait for the next broudcast

  4. rushi says:

    I love the show

  5. rushi says:

    Whens the next brodcast?

  6. zamzam says:

    well done guys.

  7. M Khunti (3MK) says:

    Dear Presenters,

    Each week we listen to your show and it just gets better and better! The children really enjoy all the different elements so keep up the great work!

    Thank you for providing us with such great entertainment! Looking forward to the next broadcast!

    From Year 3

  8. Rushi says:

    good quality

    good intros

    good shows always

    good voice

    good expression

    good songs

    good English

    good fast speaking

    good emberesment time

    good fun things

    good news

    best luck to you all from RUSHI( 3MK)



  9. kanisha says:

    wow your show is briliant

  10. Minal says:

    Guys ur doing well

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