BLW is on its way!

Hi to everyone that is coming to the BLW this Easter (and those that are thinking about coming).

During the upcoming sports sessions you will have to look forward too:

Table Tennis







There are going to be sessions to learn different sports and sessions to play different sports! Come along and really show what you have got!

I look forward to seeing you all very soon.



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3 Responses to BLW is on its way!

  1. Om Patel says:

    Hi to everyone, who is coming to the BLW. I can’t wait to coach. I am really looking forward to meet new kids.
    I’ve been there every time and I never get bored its AWSOME!

  2. 14priyashaP says:

    BLW Sports Academy is a brilliant place to go and learn sports! It is a Great experience and i love it too! Everyone who comes will get a chance to be coached and its AMAZING. DONT MISS A CHANCE OF HAVING THE MOST GREAT SPORTING EXPERIANCE EVER!!!


  3. Dhruv Patel says:

    Write on this blog!!!
    Have lots of FUN 🙂

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