A Day of Sport… and Maths

We had a great time at the Tesco Fun Run at Soar Valley College. We even got to meet an athlete that is going to take part in the London Olympics. Her name was Tiffany Porter and she is a 100 metres hurdler!

We then had a wonderful Olympic Maths Curriculum Evening. Where there were lots of fun activities for everyone to take part in.

We were very lucky that we had lovely weather all day.

Pictures are coming soon….

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3 Responses to A Day of Sport… and Maths

  1. 13kashokumar says:

    It was great at soar valley college! 🙂

    • 13kvisana says:

      yeah on the weather forecast it was saying it was going to rain we are lucky we did not get any rain!! ;D

  2. 13abhonsule says:

    Yeah i had a brilliant time and we are lucky that the rain did not get us! 😀

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